Dec 9, 2012

Her Favorite Patient (1945)

Successful doctor Hedy Fredericks (Ruth Hussey) stops by her childhood home on her way to an important meeting in Chicago and gets sidetracked for far longer than she'd planned by a determined suitor, test pilot Morgan Hale (John Carroll). Hale wants her to stay for good reasons, while Hedy's Uncle "Doc" has his own agenda. The two men concoct a plan to keep her from leaving, which works, but the truth eventually comes out.
John Carroll, Ruth Hussey, Charles Ruggles, Ann Rutherford, Esther Dale, Grant Mitchell, Frank Jenks, Vera Marsh, Claudia Drake, Renee Godfrey, Joel McGinnis
Classic Comedies, Romance Classics, Comedy
I LOVED so much about this movie... the main character in a role that until WWII was out of most women's reach... the fashions are wonderful (even if they are in black and white)... the movie takes you right inside a typical '40s home... not to mention the story is 'cute'. 

I give this movie a:


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