Nov 4, 2012


I believe that our nation is at a very critical crossroad in its history. This WWII voting poster says it all. Right now, in 2012, we do have the right to vote but will we in the future? My son, who is in the US NAVY, was not offered the ability to vote during the last election... wonder why? Yet from what I understand many of Mr Obama's votes came from questionable 'Americans' (meaning were they registered? or US born, naturalized Americans)

At the birth of our nation, our forefathers created a democracy. A democracy is a "government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system." We can compare this form of government to a socialist government... a government
"a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole." In Marxist theory, after a country experiences Capitalism it turns to socialism, this means that those 'governing' have authority to take from one group of people to give to the whole. It is known that this is only a step toward communism.  
How did we get to this point in time when democracy has become a 'bad' thing that allows people with imagination, gumption, and ingenuity to create businesses and enterprises that become successful and creates jobs to be seen as the 'bad' guys? And that they need to be 'punished' for their success... wonder what  Henry Ford or Alexander Graham Bell would think of our 'politicing' today. No, I'm not a wealthy person. But I have been in a place where I had no job, I had an education and experience in my field, but was told over and over again that 'you are just over qualified'. I had no insurance, was not eligible for unemployment, had no savings and so I thought about what I could do. I had been a preschool teacher for over 20 years. I decided that I would take what I knew well and build a way to make money from that. And so I put an ad online directed at preschool teachers. I wrote lesson plans for other teachers and sold them. And then I decided that I had other talents as well... I started my own knitting design company... nothing like the Ford empire, but I was able to make enough to pay for my own health care plus. I share this story because I could do this because of the freedom that I had to try to make my own way. And the satisfaction I got that I did it myself is a gift I will never take lightly. Without that freedom, I would have missed out on learning to rely on God and finding the talents that He had given me.

I want my sons and their children to be able to experience this for themselves, I don't want them to depend on the government. I want them to depend on God who is above all governments.

Whether Obama says he's a socialist or not isn't that important. Look at his platform... tax reform that would take from the rich to give to the poor. Spread wealth over all the nation. Let those who cannot work or just don't want to work live off the success of those who do. By allowing this kind of philosophy to thrive in our nation we then create generations of thoughtless people (not of their own doing) maybe I should better say victims of an oppressive government that thinks and talks for them... people without opinions and ideas of their own. As a teacher, it frustrates me to hear that children are not being exposed to art, and music, debate and literature due to mismanaged school funding. Children are born creative, but that gift disappears and is squashed when they no longer have avenues to express it. How sad is this... those little ones will be the ones to solve our nations problems... but how will they be able to do that without the creative abilities that they were born with. 

This is why this election is so very important and if you are an American why we must vote!

Here in Hawaii, I've seen political commercials that emphasize a party rather than abilities to lead. Now this is really sad to me. I've watched political debates where one incumbent candidate refused to acknowledge or answer questions about why she voted to increase the taxes on the middle class or why she voted to downgrade jobs at our military bases but instead answered with words like 'you Republicans'. She actually used the word republicans more than 75 times during the debate. We never did find out why or what she believed other than 'the Republicans' will ruin us and are opposed to President Obama. She has actually said in her ads that her Republican challenger is "an active supporter of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party" Well, why shouldn't she be, she is Republican? When I see these ads I just wonder what in the world?

On Tue. I had to go to the ER I found out that I have a large kidney stone (too large to pass). I can not have the surgery until my primary care dr clears me. I'm not at all concerned about it, but I refuse to have anything done on Tues. (Election day). I want to be able to let my voice be heard.

Please vote!!!! We don't want to lose those freedoms that are seen on this WWII voting poster, do we?


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