Oct 21, 2012

Scary look at the future from our past!!! Very Important

I just finished watching this amazing movie. This is one of THE most intriguing movie I've seen in a long time. Scary because it's a political/economical view of our sociological condition of today. Ayn Rand wrote this book in the 40s but was published in 1957!!! The basic of all of Rand's books and movies has to do with individualism vs collectivism. Without the creative, industrial, and intellectual thinkers our economy will fall. There is a battle between what we have come to know as 'our duty' to those less fortunate and  those same people becoming 'victims' of a sense of 'guilt' from those who have created for themselves a personal empire of their own. The villains in this movie are those who like to take government handouts, people who like to tear down the good people who are 'living their dreams', and the government who is 'looking out for all the little people'. The assumption that those in need don't need to 'think' they just want their 'needs' to be met and to be met by the government. Things have gotten all mixed up from our Christian values of treating others as you would have them treat you and giving to those in need... 'let the government take the monies needed via taxes and other governing rules' so we won't  have to feel guilt when we see those less fortunate than ourselves. Instead of giving at individuals, let's take care of them as a nation. This produces people who are then dependent upon the government and are less likely to venture out on their own ideas or creating goals that are self reaching. In the movie, all the industrialists, intellectuals, and money makers suddenly go missing. They all seemed to be connected to a man named John Gault. He takes these individuals to a country where they can live out their dream and not be afraid that the government would take away their dream and all their hard work and give it to those 'less' fortunate. When the government does this it makes those 'less fortunate' become dependent on the government and in return the 'less fortunate' will do and say whatever the government tells them to think and say and do.... sounds like America now a days.

After watching this movie I had to find out as much as I could about this Ayn Rand. And luckily Netflix has a documentary on Ayn Rand. It is WONDERFUL!!! she is now one of my personal heroes. And now I want to read everything that she wrote that I can get my hands on.
If you haven't seen this movie, please take the time and watch BOTH of these movies, especially at this time before our presidential election!!!! This is urgent!!! We MUST wake up and get involved... we MUST think for ourselves... we MUST not stand still and let this happen to America!!!!!


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