Sep 14, 2012

Friday's Vintage Cookbooks

Hi All :)

Welcome to Friday's Vintage Cookbooks. I've decided that every Friday I'm going to feature cookbooks from the Depression Era through the 60's that are still in print. I'm going to start with the

"Eating for Victory: Healthy Home Front Cooking on War Rations" by Jill Norman. 

Food rationing was introduced in England in January 1940 after supply ships were attacked by German U-boats. The first food items to be rationed were butter, sugar, bacon, and ham, though restrictions were also eventually placed on meat, fish, jam, biscuits, cheese, eggs, and milk. In response, the Ministry of Food produced a series of "Eating for Victory" pamphlets that advised
the general public on how to cope with these shortages. Designed to lift spirits in a time of shortage, these jolly leaflets contained a variety of recipes and cooking advice ranging from how to make steamed and boiled puddings and hints on how to reconstitute dried eggs. For all the hardship that rationing brought, the food restrictions resulted in many people eating more healthily than ever before.

This is the Table of Contents (looks interesting)
Foreword 5
Dried Eggs 13
One Pot Meals 17
Making The Most of Meat 25
High Teas and Suppers 31
Potatoes 35
Foods for Fitness 43
Cheese 49
How to Fry 53
Puddings 61
Your Vitamin ABC 65
What's Left in the Larder 69
Herrings 75
How to Preserve Tomatoes 81
Cakes, Biscuits and Scones 87
Making the Most of the Sugar 93
Cooking for One 101
A Salad a Day 109
Suggestions for Breakfast 115
Easy to Make Soups and Broths 121
How to Make Short Pastry 127
Fruit Bottling 135
Green Vegetables 141
Making the Most of the Fat Ration 147
Extras for the Expectant Mother 153
Cookery Conversion Tables 159

See you next time :)


Stephanie A. said...

This book looks wonderful! I not only love cookbooks, but old ones especially. They're fun to read through, imagining your grandmother or mother cooking like this. And also seeing how unhealthy some of those recipes were! But so much fun! Thanks for sharing your prize. :)

September 16, 2012 at 2:07 PM

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