Sep 17, 2012

Facts about the 40s

Here's something to think about...
In the 40s the
  • Population 132,122,000
  • Unemployed in 1940 - 8,120,000
  • National Debt $43 Billion
  • Average Salary $1,299. Teacher's salary $1,441
  • Minimum Wage $.43 per hour
  • 55% of U.S. homes have indoor plumbing
  • Antarctica is discovered to be a continent
  • Life expectancy 68.2 female, 60.8 male
  • Auto deaths 34,500
  • Supreme Court decides blacks do have a right to vote
  • World War II changed the order of world power; the  United States and the USSR become super powers
  • The Cold War begins 
And now take a look at this...
Money and Inflation from the 40s and compared with today:
To provide an estimate of inflation we have given a guide to the value of $100 US Dollars for the first year in the decade to the equivalent in todays money
If you have $100 Converted from 1940 to 2005 it would be equivalent to $1433.77 today

In 1940 a new house cost $3,920.00 and by 1949 was $7,450.00

In 1940 the average income per year was $1,725.00 and by 1949 was $2,950.00

In 1940 a gallon of gas was 11 cents and by 1949 was 17 cents

In 1940 the average cost of new car was $850.00 and by 1949 was $1,420.00 More Cars and car prices from the 1940's

A few more prices from the 40's and how much things cost
100 aspirin 76 cents

Philco Refrigerator $239.00

Pork Loin Roast per pound 45 cents

Nylon Hose 20 cents

New Emerson Bedroom Radio 1938 $19.65

Mens Suits from $24.50

Portable electric heater $42.50

Ford Super Deluxe Sedan Coupe $1395

Sealey Mattress $38.00


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