Mar 2, 2012

Symbols of Hope and Love

"Sweetheart jewelery, gifts and souvenirs are such a charming way to remember and preserve a little piece of love and history. Servicemen in the WWII era passed out these little bits of their heart to their loved ones during the time of their sacrifice. Women on the home front, or in the service themselves, were proud to wear and show the world their patriotic symbols of hope, love, duty, courage and patience." Syd Divine.

 During WWII it was a practice with some of the service members to present their "Sweethearts" with a locket and photo as a token of their undying love.

I love this idea for another vintage collection. My imagination would run on overtime thinking about each piece of Sweetheart jewelery or small gift there is a love and life story to be told. Did he return? What was made of their life together? Who wouldn’t want to own a little piece of that sentimental journey?


Anonymous said...

I just bought an adorable little celluloid USN sweetheart compact and am wondering if you know anything about these types of gifts. It appears to be about WWII era and has the USN insignia on the front. There is a small button that when pressed, opens the compact. There is a tiny cylinder that inserts in the top for lipstick, a place for powder and an intact rouge (raspberry). I've not seen anything like it in any of the sites on-line.

March 29, 2012 at 4:10 PM

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