Mar 4, 2012

My Blue Heaven (1950)

(This is my favorite scene from the movie... Friendly Island... a fun musical treat!)

In this heartwarming musical, radio personalities Molly Moran (Betty Grable) and her hubby, Jack (Dan Dailey), finally get their big break in showbiz but aren't so lucky in family matters. Shortly after signing on to star in their own TV series, life turns topsy-turvy for the couple when they try to start a family -- and find their suitability as parents called into question. Jane Wyatt, David Wayne and Mitzi Gaynor (in her film debut) co-star.
Mitzi Gaynor, Betty Grable, Jane Wyatt, Dan Dailey, David Wayne, Una Merkel, Louise Beavers
Genre: Musical

Beautiful color movie! Great fashions!!! Fun, Great acting!!!

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