Feb 16, 2012

Blog, Blog, Who's got the Blog?

For weeks now I've thought about how I could make this site a little more user friendly. I love the template but admit that it can get a little confusing. I had posted a survey to find out if a more simple template would make manuvering around and through the site easier, but got no responses. So, I'm deciding today to offer a 'Blog' that will show up in the PAGES section on the right>>>>> The 'Blog' will be anything and everything that has to do with my personal life... work, friends, family, etc. And then this website will be focused on my love of all things 'vintage' (especially WWII articles). This way, those of you who are interested in those things won't have to search through my 'everyday' life to find the things you might be looking for. The link for my 'personal blog' is HERE!


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Don't Carry Tales from Pinup Girl (1944)

From Twice Blessed (1945)

Cadance is wonderful!!!